Students’ area

Welcome to the Students’ area of the Bristol Alexander Studio! If you’ve signed up to my six week course, you’ll find all the back-up material you need for each week here. Just click on the relevant week to access it (password protected).

Week 0: Post-Consultation Lesson Reminder. Why am I doing the Alexander Technique?
Week 1: Notice Your Habits and Practise Inhibition
Week 2: Nurture your Primary Control
Week 3: Working with Direction
Week 4: Can I stop End-Gaining?
Week 5: Be Flexible in Your Attention
Week 6: Tune Up Your Body Sense

Below is an extract from Week 0, the Post-Consultation Lesson Reminder. Why not sign up for a series of lessons to get more of the good stuff?

What if there was a way of responding to the demands of life – right here, right now – that took care of your mental and physical health?

This unique way is, in essence, the promise of the Alexander Technique. You might therefore think of the Technique as a dynamic framework for acting well in the world, or as a healthy lens through which to see the world.

In fact, one of my favourite analogies for the Alexander Technique is that it is a kind of software update which you can install to stop harmful habits from interfering in your life!

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