Alexander Technique for children: the ‘Developing Self’

This weekend I had the privilege of welcoming two of the pioneers of the Alexander Technique to Bristol: Sue Merry and Judith Kleinman.  They are both experts in bringing the Technique into educational settings, whether that’s primary and secondary schools or universities and colleges. Over two weekend workshops in Bristol, Sue and Judith introduced their work to […]

When did you stop paying attention?

I’ve recently been reading the extraordinary book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. A passage caught my eye due to its relevance to the Alexander Technique. For around 95% of our 200,000 year existence we lived hunter-gatherer lifestyles. In Harari’s words, during this period, homo sapiens: mastered not only the surrounding world of animals, plants and […]

Embodied approaches to managing stress

I’ve recently been delving into the strategies British university are taking to cope with stress and anxiety among their student populations. The problem is rife: traditional counselling services have been unable to cope with demand, with knock-on effects on waiting times for services. Perhaps as a result, it seems that universities are keen to trial […]

Students, Stress and the Alexander Technique

At Bristol University Freshers’ Fair – also called the ‘Welcome Fair’ – last year I gave dozens of students a free taster of the Alexander Technique, and spoke to many more about its benefits. Many students suffer from back or neck pain, caused by habits such as sitting at desks for long hours. Physical tension […]

Does the Alexander Technique treat back pain?

The Alexander Technique is well-known as a treatment for back pain. In fact, the best research on the subject to date (published in the British Medical Journal) concluded that ‘a series of six lessons in Alexander technique combined with an exercise prescription seems the most effective and cost effective option for the treatment of back […]