At Bristol University Freshers’ Fair – also called the ‘Welcome Fair’ – last year I gave dozens of students a free taster of the Alexander Technique, and spoke to many more about its benefits.

Many students suffer from back or neck pain, caused by habits such as sitting at desks for long hours. Physical tension and mental anxiety also arise from a lack of strategies to deal with exam stress.

The Alexander Technique can help with many of the diverse challenges that university life brings. That’s because the Alexander Technique demonstrates, on a very practical level, that you don’t need to be at the mercy of the stimuli around you. You can the learn the very real skills of:

– saying ‘no’ to your habitual reactions to the things in your life causing you stress;
– allowing a different response, one that is far more congruent with your overall wellbeing.

I am currently offering free taster sessions to university students at my studio in central Bristol. And to read more about this unique, powerful and evidence-based method, you can read my own ‘About AT’ summary.

Good luck to all students as they enter the exam season!

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