New government Covid guidance for ‘close-contact services’ came into force this Monday 13th July. The Alexander Technique comes under this category and so, while I am still teaching online, I have also resumed some in-person lessons at my studio.

There are some provisos, though. I am wearing a visor during sessions, and clients who attend must wear a mask and wash their hands on arrival. There are also sufficient gaps between appointments.

For the time being, I am also only teaching outside in our courtyard space. It is wonderful to teach outside of course – but it is also weather dependent, so both myself and my clients will need to be a bit flexible on lesson times.

I certainly feel that the Alexander Technique is an especially vital skill during these difficult times. To mention just two aspects, Covid has brought about mental health difficulties for many people, and our increased screen time has taken us more than ever out of embodied awareness. The Technique has so much to offer in the face of the challenges posed by our current predicament.

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