The UK’s Alexander in Education Conference has moved online this year due to Covid. It’s happening all day on Saturday 4th July. Although we’ll miss meeting up in person, the online format has one huge advantage: anyone and everyone can attend. After a live introduction, all the pre-recorded conference items will be released free of charge on Youtube. ‘Attendees’ can pick which videos they’d like to watch, or they can watch the whole conference in order.

There are presentations covering all bases from nursery, primary and secondary education through to university level. Topics include the Alexander Technique in music, acting, sports and foreign languages. A panel of young people have also been invited to take part.

I often work with young musicians and my own presentation for the Conference reflects that, even though its title is ‘The Power of Images for Teaching Alexander Technique to Young People’. Below are a couple of screenshots.

The link for the conference is here.

Look forward to seeing you there!